Now I'm not talking about Match of the Day or Soccer AM here. Although, yes they are football programmes. I mean that magazine type document that you can buy when you go to the game. I always try to pick one up whenever I go. I think that they offer you much more than just a view of the over long squad lists, with numbers from 1 up to 99 or beyond.

As well as seeing which current manager played at left back for Derby County in 1982 (for example and purely hypothetical) and the erudite pieces of prose from the Exeter City manager in his programme notes from season 1975-76 (another example, don't quote me!), I also like the wider historical context given by the adverts shown.  The proliferation of adverts for tobacco products for example.

My favourite programme in my collection is very personal and is one that has someone who was to later become a work colleague listed as one of the linesman. What's more, he remembers the game as he flagged for a foul which saw one of the opposition players sent off!

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