Subbuteo is the invention of one Peter Adolph (1916 - 1994).  After failing to have the name "Hobby" trademarked for the game, he (must have) referred to his Osborne British Book of Birds and decided to call the game "Subbuteo" after the Latin name Falco subbuteo for the Eurasian hobby, a bird of prey. Ner ner, yah-boo sucks to you Mr Trademark man.

It's a completely potty game, but marvelous all the same. Many's the time that I have stood up from playing with a crushed player stuck to me knee. I remember at University that when we asked our landlord for a large piece of chipboard to stick our mat to he responded within hours.  A similar request for a new fridge went unanswered for a deal longer.

'Now I've got a cousin called Kevin...'

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