World Cup 1962

The seventh World Cup tournament was held in Chile, South America, a return to the continent after a 12 year absence. Defending champions Brazil went on the claim their second World Cup, thus tying on 2 each with Uruguay and Italy. As in Sweden in 1958, 16 teams took part, being divided into 4 groups for the initial group stage, from which 8 teams would qualify for the quarter finals.

Hosts Chile, along with Brazil, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia were the four teams to progress to the semi-finals, beating USSR, England, West Germany and Hungary respectively. In the semis, Brazil defeated Chile by 4-2, whilst Czechoslovakia defeated Yugoslavia by 3-1 to reach the final.

At the National Stadium in Santiago on 17 June, holders Brazil retained their title by beating Czechoslovakia 3-1. Brazil's young star, Pele was unable to perform to expectations due to his being injured in the first round group match against Czechoslovakia, although two new Brazilian stars, Amarildo and Garrincha (little bird) did brighten the tournament.

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