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As we are well aware, Liverpool Football Club was formed in 1892. What is perhaps less well known is that the first home Liverpool football shirt was blue and white halved affair, with dark blue "shorts" - possibly to keep the feud with Everton simmering gently. However, things moved on, grown men started to behave as such and from season 1896-97 the club reverted to red shirts with white shorts and red, white or black stockings. This state of kit affairs lasted until season 1964-65 when one William "Bill" Shankly decided that all red would make his players look bigger and more intimidating. The fact that Ron Yeats, his model in trying this arrangement out, was already Shankly's 'Colossus' was another example of the man's ability to pump his players up.

But anyway, back to the shirts. In 1979, Liverpool became the first English football club to have a sponsor's name adorn their shirts. For three years Japanese electrical giants Hiatchi jostled for space with the Liverbird and the Umbro logo. By 1982-83 a new deal had been struck with Crown Paints - initially with the word 'Crown' above 'Paints', but by the next season they were on the same line. Umbro were still the shirt manufacturers.

From season 1985-86, German kit manufacturer adidas took over the role of Liverpool's kit manufacturer and after one season with the Crown Paints logo on one line the design reverted back to two lines. By season 1987-88 the neck had reverted to being round, and the following season although the shirt design remained the same, a new sponsor, Italian electrical manufacturer Candy, took pride of place (cheeky beggars, another change of shirt after only a year for a 'cosmectic' adjustment). Candy remained in place for a further 3 seasons, the last one being the first season of adidas's ridiculous three stripe abominations.

Some sanity returned in 1995-96 with perhaps adidas's most classy design in ages. By now Danish brewer Carlsberg were the shirt sponsors, a role which they only relinquished at the start of the 2010/11 season. Unfortunately for addias, Reebok took over the responsibility for manufacturing the Liverpool football shirts. A series of bland and predictable designs - change the collar here, lengthen the shorts there - culminated in the Champions League winning shirt, before adidas, who coincidentally, had by now acquired the Reebok company, took over again in their own right from season 2006-07 and beyond.  As from season 2012/13 it is reported that Liverpool will be supplied by the Boson MA based Warrior Sports.

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